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March 19, 2021
Sub-Saharan Africa is 48 countries boasting a vast economic potential and dynamic growth. Raw materials remain the primary factor of their active development, and the ongoing economic reforms allow countries of the continent to be viewed as key trade partners in the exports of Moscow products.

Participants in the TV-link will address major problems in the development of trade, enlargement of exports by Moscow manufacturers, and hindrances to the resolution of problems and the establishment of mutually advantageous relations.
Heads of the Moscow Department for Investment and Industry Policy and the sectoral department of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade
Heads of chambers of commerce and industry of Moscow and African countries
Experts, members of national business communities
They will share their experience, will speak about technicalities of foreign economic activity of African countries, will answer frequently asked questions about trade between Russia and Africa, and will dwell on the prospects Moscow companies have on the African market

International Multimedia Press Center

Rossiya Segodnya international news agency

4, Zubovsky Blvd, Moscow, 119021

Event program
12:00 – 12:55

Registration of participants, welcome coffee

The main plenary session "Directions and Opportunities for Industrial and Investment Cooperation"

The discussion will center on presentations by conceptual speakers identifying the directions and possibilities of industrial and investment cooperation between Moscow (Russian) companies and companies from sub-Saharan Africa. This teleconference is understood as the first teleconference of the Moscow-Africa annual cycle.

Coffee break

15:00 – 15:30
15:30 – 17:00
Series of sectoral roundtables:
13:00 – 15:00
The Agro-Industrial Complex - Success Strategy. Experience of Entering the African Market
The African export market has a high potential for the Moscow companies. Despite the introduction of quarantine restrictions in 2020, the volume of the capital's export of agricultural products increased by 68.9% and amounted to USD 0.93 billion. A particular growth is noted in the export of agricultural products; in 2020, it amounted to almost 70%.

Dairy products, vegetables, poultry meat, chocolate products and ready-made animal feed are promising commodities to increase the Moscow exports. It is worth noting that last year, Moscow resumed exports of chocolate products to Libya after a break in 2019.

Basically, experts say that the reason for such attractiveness of Africa is caused not only by the improvement in the quality of life, but also by the growing population of African countries. So, in the period from 2018 to 2030, the population of African countries will increase by 40% - up to 1.8 billion people, and by 2050 it may reach 2.4 billion people.

Export Recipe. Actual Offers by Moscow Exporters
In today's realities, practically all countries have increased government spending on healthcare, and research and development. But not only the pandemic is the key driver of growth. Demographic factors also affect the world trade: population growth, aging, and increased life expectancy. According to the UN estimates, by 2025 the world's population will exceed 8 billion, and the proportion of people over 60 will increase to 15%.

The current structure of imports of African countries has a significant share of pharmaceutical products, treatment tools and medical devices. The total imports of these products are estimated at USD 4.37 billion.

Moscow ranks first among the Russian constituent entities in the export of medicinal preparations. Last year, the volume of exports of these products grew by 32.3%. And for the first time, Nigeria was among the Top 5 buying countries (USD 26.23 million).

Industry 360°: Opportunities, Barriers, Cooperation
The economy of African countries in the previous 15 years was growing by an average of 4-5% per year, and in some countries - by 7-8%, outrunning many Asian states. According to a number of analysts' forecasts, over the next 30 years, the region's economy can grow to reach USD 29 trillion in 2050.

Today, African countries have the task to expand and qualitatively improve the infrastructure. Many international organizations and corporations are currently participating in activities for the development of the transport, mining, civil, energy and other infrastructure on the African continent.

What prospects do Moscow companies have for the development of foreign economic activities, participation in the infrastructural and cooperation projects in Africa?

Live broadcast
The main plenary session
"Directions and Opportunities for Industrial and Investment Cooperation"
There is an opportunity for the viewers to ask a question to speakers and panelists during the main session. To send a question follow the link or scan QR code and join the WhatsApp group
Series of sectoral roundtables
The Mosprom Center was established by the Moscow Department for Investment and Industry Policy to support Moscow's industrial and agro-industrial exports.

Experts of the Center assist Moscow companies in searching for counterparties and holding negotiations with potential foreign buyers, provide individual analysis of target markets, organize buyer programs in countries interested in products of Moscow companies, and support the participation of Moscow companies in international exhibitions.

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